Insta-pression from Cambodia

Pretty flowers ・ Lunch at Raffles Grand Hotel ・ Sweet Mini Banana
Oriental clothing  ・ Cambodia 3 April – 13 April 2013 ・ On a Tuk Tuk
Khmer Amok and Spring Rolls  ・ at Angkor Wat  ・ Water Lily

Hello World!

Long time no see. Since we arrived in Cambodia I didn’t have any time to blog. The seminar keeps us busy – just like shopping, sightseeing and eating. We saw and did a lot the last few days. Tomorrow we are finally flying back to Switzerland. I am really happy to be back at home – somehow I would love to stay longer but on the other hand I can’t wait to meet my little Hana, my friends and I look forward to my wardrobe with fresh clothes *lol*. Holidays aren’t always relaxing.

After this seminar I will be very very stressy… We still have final exams in May, we have to prepare a business plan and there is also a diploma thesis, which will be part of our study. My blog will be probably dead until August – may I am only going to publish some photos of my stay in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. We will see.

 Take care everyone. xoxo.

 PS. Thank you for the comments on my last Insta-pression post ^^ I am doing fine here~!

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