Singapore ~ Malaysia ~ Cambodia

Good day my Dears,

I have some important news for you: I’ll be off to Southeast Asia the next two and a half weeks. Unfortunately, I am not there to enjoy holidays – we are there because of the last intensive seminar. As you remember, my first two seminars were in Davos to analyse the winter and summer tourism (see post here and here). The third intensive seminar was last year in Rumania, where we students of the tourism school had the opportunity to improve and establish new touristic structures in Rumania.

This time we will get closer to the culture and people of Cambodia! I am very excited to experience another Asian country, since Japan is the only Asian place where I have been in my entire life. (Ok, Dubai Airport… but that doesn’t count *lol*)

Our seminar officially starts on 4 April but I already fly today evening to Singapore with two school colleagues. OMG, I saw a lot of pictures in catalogues and on the internet of that gorgeous city *Love~*  One of my dream is finally coming true: I always wanted to go to Singapore to see the amazing Merlions (the most well-known statue of Singapore), which I often see in documentary films.  There are so many places where I would love to go, for example the Night Safari, Aquarium, Raffles Hotel etc. but I guess that we wouldn’t be able to see all the attractions of Singapore in 3 or 4 days, because we also planned to explore the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, before we fly to Cambodia.

I am so thrilled and curious about how all the different cities and countries will be. If I have time, I will keep you updated through my FB page and I will prepare a photo album to share all my impressions with you. Please feel free to have a look at my Miho’s Happy Life Facebook-Page.

I wish you all a great time, take care my sweethearts and see you soon!


4 responses to “Singapore ~ Malaysia ~ Cambodia

  1. Omg How exciting!!! Have lots of fun and take photos for us! Oh and thanks so much about information on the shipping for the tights =3

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