Kawaii Tights

Hello Girlies!

I feel fabulous at the moment! The days are getting brighter, the grey clouds are disappearing with each passing day and the sun is often coming out to say hello. Birdies are chirping in the early morning and the nature is awaking slowly from hibernation. I think it is a good sign that spring has arrived in Switzerland~! But the environment is not the only thing that has changed: pretty ballerinas, pumps, high-heels… Easter bunnies and many many chocolate eggs, which you already can buy in many stores… shirts, skirts, dresses and bikinis, in all possible colour variations. I look forward to the moment where the world is turning colourful – bye bye gloomy winter days!

At just the right time, I got my package from Japan. Actually I was looking for some cool tattoo tights, but somehow no one could fully convince me, so I ended up buying knee socks and knee-socks-looking-tights. I bought them on bisoku.jp. They have a wide range of tights and (knee) socks at reasonable prices and another great thing: they ship worldwide.

PS. I just had fun to make a video of my purchase ^^

4 responses to “Kawaii Tights

  1. You got some gorgeous tights! Was shipping expensive and was the site easy to use? I want some too now! My favorite is the first and last pair you’re holding. I’m always skeptical about buying tights but it’s not always one size fit all for me =(

  2. I love all of them. I think a girl can’t have too many socks and tights. Mine fell a big shelf in my wardrobe and I still buy more and more. I think they are an accessory, underestimated by many people. This shop looks cool, I think if I could understand a word, I would order straight away. I’ve never been to Japan, but it’s a big influence in my style and I follow a few Japanese blogs. I love how cute and full of fantasy the fashion is and I am sad at the same time we don’t have a lot similar things here. Lots of Love, Sara xx

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