Tяσpιcαℓ Hσusє Wσℓнusєи

Hello Sweeties!
Did you have a good weekend?

We had an exotic school exhibition on Saturday. To get some inspirations and become more familiar with tourism trends, we will have exciting tours to hotels and go to Stanserhorn to experience the mountain feeling. The first program was the Tropical House in Wolhusen. There are more than 100 agricultural crops in the green houses and you also can buy matured fruits (mango, banana, papaya…), which were produced in Wolhusen.

The temperature was so pleasant ~w~ It almost felt like being in Southeast Asia.

5 responses to “Tяσpιcαℓ Hσusє Wσℓнusєи

  1. Hey sweety :) Aww thanks for your comment ♥ the nails were indeed quite nice but I tell you..It was such a pain to get them off. The glue was super sticky ^^”
    Actually I wasn’t expecting you visit my blog hehe, yours is soo nice and professional. I signed up for it on my email account to get reminded of new posts. Hopefully I did it correctly ;D And the pictures of your exhibition are nice! I am hungry and I want bananas now haha XD♥

  2. hey!
    Danke für dein Kommi *_*
    Der Ausflug sieht richtig interessant aus, finde es toll zu sehen wie so exotische Sachen hier wachsen! Und auch dein Drink sieht yammi aus <333 Ich liebe fruchtgeträume *_*

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