Gσℓ∂єи Lσvє

Hello my dear readers~

How is your Life going?  Just a short update about mine: my school life started last week and I still can’t believe that I am now in the last semester… *omg* everything will end this summer (assumed that my exams went well *lol*). Anyway, don’t worry when my blog is in arrears with new posts – you now that this is normal

And before finishing this blog entry – I was looking at some Nail Tutorials on Youtube and went through the NAIL MAX Magazine, guess what happened? I suddenly started painting my nails, haha. Yeah, it was a long time ago that my nails got some colours on it. Since spring is coming and gloves are soon no longer used, I should give my nails a pretty design.

this was how it looked like before…

…and after


Other Inspirations from NAIL MAX February 2013

Source: utsukushiikat.blogspot.ch

4 responses to “Gσℓ∂єи Lσvє

  1. So adorable!!! I really love doing and getting my nails done! In fact I really want to get gel nails again but realizing that it will cost me 600$+ a year made me back away again =( I can’t believe I used to spend so much money on my nails but no regrets! I also enjoy nail polish because I change my nail colour depending on my mood now =) I really love the disney nails!

    • I can’t go crazy too because of my working place. Well, I think they won’t say anything but I don’t feel comfy.
      So when I do my nails, then it will be French Nails :)

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