A Sωєєт Sσυvєиιr Fяσм Jαραn

Hello my readers!

Just a short entry about a sweet little Taiyaki called 鉄子 (Tetsuko). Taiyaki is a typical Japanese fish-shaped sweet, which is filled with Anko, red bean paste. The shop たい焼き”鉄次” is selling three different types of Taiyaki, the standard Taiyaki, a soft version and Taiyaki filled with ice-cream. We got the soft Taiyaki from a Japanese friend and I thought that it would be a great souvenir for my own friends and relatives. I’ll watch out for them when I visit Japan the next time.


This is how their website looks like: I love the Tetsuko Logo (๑´•o • `๑)

this is how they are making Taiyaki:

You can buy it at Matsuzakaya Ginza or Daimaru in Tokyo,
at Urawa Parco in Saitama or at Haneda Airport.

Official Page: たい焼き”鉄次”

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