Tєα Tιмє ωιтн ƒℓυƒƒy Pαncαкєs

Dear Sweet♥hearts,

sorry for the lack of blog entries.  It isn’t so far anymore until my final exams… I took this week of to make holidays cram all seven subjects into my brain. But this is nothing new for you, right? Nevertheless, I wanted to leave a short post about my boring Sunday *lol*. (Well, actually our neighbors upstairs are sooooo loud, that I decided to blog. They turned up the volume over 1000+ so that can hear the beat through the walls – it feels like an earthquake!  Gosh, are they hard of hearing?! )

So what was up today..? Ah yes, I made some American Pancakes and had a nice tea time at home~ I recently bought a ready-made Pancake mix from Mondamin in Germany. It is very easy; add some milk, shake it and the dough is ready to hop in a frying pan. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious like self-made pancakes.

That’s all for today. Have a good start into the week, sweet pies, and I hope to blog more after 23 January, when my exams are over.
Take care and see you soon. xoxo. 

I only bought the pancake mix ^.^


yay, pancakes are so easy to make (๑´w`๑)


mini size ^^

10 responses to “Tєα Tιмє ωιтн ƒℓυƒƒy Pαncαкєs

  1. hahaha I also love making pancake because it’s so easy :3 *can’t cook*
    I’m also having exam :(( and this week gonna be hectic week. bunch of assignments that I could cry >< lol

  2. Omg these look so good! I saw this on tumblr and they look like one of those foodie staged photographs! I use this type of batter too but with cupcakes, haha so easy just add milk and shake =P But I don’t think we have pancakes or waffles over here!

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