Christmas 2012


…and Xmas is almost over! Hope you all had a great time with your friends and familiy! I feel heavier than some days ago *lol* I ate a lot of meat and cookies, chocolates and sweets – like every year.

xmas2012_zps9fb7a8dbxmas2012__zpsf781d668xmas2012_1_zps56c490a4 xmas2012_2_zps03466f60this year with my little Sis ♥xmas2012_4_zps1ea50882xmas2012_2012_zpsb88fadb3*mhhh* we did Yakiniku (grilled meat japanese-style ^^)xmas2012_5_zps57ba2ad6xmas2012_6_zps39cec83dxmas2012_7_zpsd545c6cea “moshi moshi” telephone for my Sis, hahaaxmas2012_8_zpsd67c55c0We had fun with “Photo Booth” *g*xmas2012_fun_zpsb2b07eae xmas2012_fun2_zps3a684e4a xmas2012_fun1_zpsb170e6f6poor Hana ‘`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、xmas2012_fun4_zps5d8880b6 xmas2012_fun3_zps52ad07ee

~25 December at Granny’s home~

xmas2012_10_zpseb7b0f84 xmas2012_11_zps59186d14 xmas2012_12_zps7fee644fmy sis would kill me, when she sees this picture ( >∀<)xmas2012_13_zps8e55872c xmas2012_14_zps2d4ef760xmas2012_15_zpscd3080c8 xmas2012_17_zpsb0918bf3 xmas2012_16_zps8297a6d7 xmas2012_18_zpsd89eda7d

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