Sнσρριиg ιи Kσиsтαиz (ωιтн Vι∂)

Ribbon1 500x50orHello my dear readers!

How is your Christmas mood at the moment?

Stressful – I still don’t have a/all present for my lovelies
Boring – what is so special about Christmas, huh?
Festive – I am ready, Christmas can come!
Happy – everything is perfect!

I am between stressful and festive right now  Well, I could find some one Xmas gift or at least some ideas for my lovelies, but somehow I don’t get ahead…. can you imagine that Christmas is already over in 2 weeks!? And to mention the festive part; all the lights and decorations around the cities are so beautiful, especially when big snowflakes come down from heaven. This weekend I am going to bake some Christmas cookies with my Sis and my Half-Brother. I wonder how the cheeky rascal is doing. It has been a long time since I saw him.

I also wanted to post some pictures of my Christmas shopping with my beloved friends and my little Sis. We went to the big shopping center Lago in Konstanz, Germany. Actually we were supposed to buy some presents there… but we all were a bit selfish, so most of us only bought things for ourselves *hahaa* 

To keep you entertained, I were spending (8) hours on my “Christmas Shopping”-video. (It is the longest I have ever made *lol*) Funny moments, Christmas items, fashion and food – you will find a various mix in my vid. Video making is an exhausting process, but it is great to give you a more lively impression about my daily life. I really wish I could create more videos, but since it takes so much time, this will be a bit difficult for the moment. For next year – after all the school stress – I definitely going to record and upload more videos about Miho’s Happy Life. Stay tuned for them!

So then, enjoy watching! (p≧w≦q)オッ☆

Ohhh~ there was so much snow on that day


you will find this scene in my video xD

Mickey Mouse!


Lunch time ~ my tuna and my sister’s Caesar Sandwich


Shopping with my beloved Sis ♥

Ribbon1 500x50or

4 responses to “Sнσρριиg ιи Kσиsтαиz (ωιтн Vι∂)

  1. Yay!!! Snow. ^^ I hope it snows here too. c: Love the pictures! Mickey mugs are so cute and the Caesar sandwich looks delish~~ <3 I want one too. ^^

  2. Wow there is so much christmas decoration and spirit everywhere! Those Mickey mugs are sooo adorable I want one lol Looks like you had a fun time, Merry Christmas!~

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