Rєα∂y ƒσr Xмαs?

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Good Evening everyone!

I can’t believe that it is already December!  But all the Christmas songs in the radios, the beautiful white snow and the freezing temperatures as well as the festive stands demonstrate that it is true. The Christmas markets have started and both young and old are looking for attractive presents for their loved ones. I have been at the Xmas markets at the train stations in Lucerne and Zurich lately, but still didn’t find the right gift.

(Well, I still have 17 days time >w< ok… I know that I should hurry up ( ゚д゚)!!


*Christmas Market in Lucerne*

haha, I just bought Chocolate for me *lol*



*Christmas Market in Zurich*

the amazing Swarovski Christmas Tree


Glitter and Glamour!


Ribbon1 500x50lbb

6 responses to “Rєα∂y ƒσr Xмαs?

  1. This Christmas market looks incredible. That Swarovski Christmas tree is so breathtakingly beautiful.


  2. hi dear-thanks for commenting❤ beautiful pics in this post, you’ve captured the christmassy atmosphere very nicely ^0^/

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