Drαcυlα & Co.

~Fortified Church of Prejmer, Bran Castle, Brasov~

Monday, 15 October 2012

 Monday was another discovery day. Our professors organized a sightseeing trip to see the UNESCO Fortified Church of Prejmer/Tartlau, Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s castle) and the big city Brasov. Seeing, eating and walking were our main activities

PS. Check out the video to know how you ward off a vampire!

The church of Prejmer/Tartlau


This is how it looks like inside


We saw a golden church on our way to Bran


*buhuuu* Dracula, we are coming!


Welcome to Bran


Dracula-Souvenirs everywhere

Let’s go to Bran Castle / Dracula’s Castle


The right place to make advertisement!


That was funny – a stranger and I had the same position *g*


Throw your money inside and make a wish ^^


in Brasov



One response to “Drαcυlα & Co.

  1. Wow I really like reading this post because I’ve always wondered what Dracula’s castle looked like! I remember a girl in my high school lived only two blocks away from there before she moved to Canada.

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