A jσuияєy σƒ Dιscσvєяy

Hello dear readers of mihoshappylife!

Yes, it’s me~ the sweet little monster of Miho-chan!  *nyaaa* Long time no seen! How have you all been lately? My mummy doesn’t feel very well the last days, that’s why she let me type this blog entry. Recently, she is working very hard; studying and school has first priority at the moment. There are so many home works, presentations and project works to do that she could never get bored *lol*. The last week she sat nearly four days nonstop in front of the computer, writing her project work and doing researches. No wonder she got exhausted and terrible headaches, which still last until today. Luckily it is finally fading day by day and she’s recovering from the overexertion. Do NOT underestimate the seriousness of exhaustion– please take care of your health and body, guys!

What’s more, Miho is leaving for her third intensive seminar tomorrow. It is the first time that we will be separated for more than one day. I miss her already, when I think that she’s going to stay in Romania for the next ten days!  Beside her mission to improve Tourism in Romania, she will have sightseeing tours in the capital city Bucharest and also have a little tour through Bran Castle – better known as Dracula’s Castle. Maybe she will meet Mr Dracula?

When she has time and the Internet access is working, she will keep in touch through via Facebook. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the land of bears and wolves – let’s wait and see! 

PS. Miho still have to edit my childhood video… it will probably take some more time until she’s finished with it.

4 responses to “A jσuияєy σƒ Dιscσvєяy

  1. thanks Miho for sending out the earbuds! I already received them ^^ your cat is so cute. I hope you don’t get too stressed out with everything! good luck :)

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