Picturesque Lausanne

Here is my entry about my weekend journey to the French speaking part of Switzerland. The main reason, why we went to Lausanne was the music box museum in Saint-Croix. My Mum is totally infatuated with music boxes from Reuge, so after sightseeing tours in the attractive old town with its small alleyways, cafes and boutiques on Saturday, we had a guided tour through the charming and magical world of music boxes.

This was our hotel in Lausanne. It was very modern, bright and for
one day OK – but I wouldn’t stay there more days…
the room didn’t have any air conditioning (it was quite hot).

The hotel with its modern bar and furnishing Snack time ^.^ Lunch Time and coffee time at Lucien MoutarlierOh, I found my name on a sign
while we were looking for the museum! HAHA Mr Guido Reuge …small screws for the music boxes!


5 responses to “Picturesque Lausanne

  1. The pictures of the museum look interesting… and you didn’t visit the chalet de la Maya, did you? XD I specially like the photo after the “Coffee time at Lucien Moutarlier”. Nice four-leaved clover design btw ^_^

    • When you have time you should :D Compared to the others, it is a expensive country, but there are many beautiful places ^^
      let me know, when you spend your holidays here =)

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