LoveShoppingholics Circle Lenses

Hello Circle Lens-Fans!

Sorry that it took such a long time to post my Circle Lenses Reviews… I really really wanted to write this post a few months earlier. Anyway, I finally did it *uff*!

As some of you know, I purchased my very first Circle Lenses at Firstly, I was very excited and happy to receive my first pair and the delivery service of honeycolour wasn’t really bad…. until someday I got damaged Circle Lenses, which actually was a present for my little sister. Without hesitation, I contacted the customer service of honeycolour, I wrote them, if they could replace the damaged lenses. I waited nearly one month but I still didn’t get an answer. Well, that wasn’t extremely fatal, because I thought they had a lot to do… Nevertheless, I wrote them the same email once again. After a few weeks (I still didn’t got an answer) I wrote them the THRID EMAIL! But there was STILL NO REACTION! *arwww* I didn’t give up easily, since I knew they had a Facebook-Site, I wrote them TWICE my concern about the damaged Circle Lenses. And do you know what they did??? They deleted all my comments!! This sucks! (<<<Please excuse me for these words….) How rude is this? I strongly reccomend you NOT to buy at honeycolour – believe me, this isn’t funny….!!

Since this worse experience, I was looking for another way to get my Circle Lenses and this time the luck was on my side! I ordered my Lenses at (new site is and I had a very good experience. So before I show you my new Circle Lenses, I would like to introduce you and their

Free shipping (international) for order amount exceed 50$

– Delivery time is ok, my parcel took about 12 days
– You will get free gifts and beauty products (I got diverse facial masks and a cute phone strap)

– You even got a Thank you card, they wrote my name personally by hand – isn’t that cute? (I know, it is just a small thing but this means so much to me!)

– The Circle Lenses are packaged in adorable treasure chests! The little boxes are so sweet!!! – For your Circle Lense Review, you will get one Free Circle Lens – this offers no other supplier.

– They have wide range of beautiful coloured Cirlce Lenses

– What I really like is the photo and video review of other shoppingholics-purchaser, so you can see how the Lenses look like
– they do not only sell Lenses, they even have Make Up products, Beauty products, Nail products, Accessoires and much more!They have a Facebook-Site and I think they really take care of the customers and their wishes!

Thanks to shoppingholics I know that there are reliable suppliers who take care of customers’ needs. Thank you so much Shoppingholics! You showed me the opposite of honeycolour! Keep up the good work!

PS. My Circle Lense Reviews will follow the next days. Stay tuned~


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