Chobits | Anime Review

One of the best Anime ever! I watched it more than one time and even have the manga series of it:

Chobits ♡ ちょびっツ

A mix between romance and comedy, happy and sad stories.  The main character, Chii (a persocom or personal computer with a human body) is such a adorable girl. Innocent, mysterious and soooo cute. If I had the right face and long blond hair (or a wig) I’d love to cosplay her!

In the future, virtually everyone has a persocom, a personal computer in the shape of a beautiful, obedient, and fully functional humanoid girl. Meet Chi, a low class persocom that cannot connect to the Internet, exchange information with other persocoms, or do word processing. One day after work, a poor 19 year old virgin named Hideki Motosuwa finds Chi wrapped up in large bandages and surrounded by many trash bags. Finding himself very lucky to discover a persocom that didn’t have an owner, Hideki decides to keep Chi. Soon after bringing Chi home, Hideki finds out that there might be more to Chi than her child like personality lets on. (


4 responses to “Chobits | Anime Review

  1. I looooooooooove the intro song of this anime hahaha I personally prefer the manga to the anime for this series. I all eight books =3 <– proud LOL I think the cosplayer in the second photo looks amazing and so naturally like a persocom haha

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