Aввєy Lιвrαry σƒ Sт. Gαℓℓ

Since a long time ago, I wanted to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site:
The Abbey Library in St. Gall (Switzerland)

I have seen pictures of that impressive library and suddenly wanted to see it live. It possesses about 170’000 works and over 2100 manuscripts from before the year 1000. So they are veeeery old. The collection of fundamental literature and sumptuously calligraphed and illuminated manuscripts includes biblical and liturgical studies, book illuminations by Irish and St. Gall monks, and works on musical and literary history, the Old High German language and the history of law and medicine. The library’s collection of incunabula (works, which were printed before 1500/1520) is also one of the most impressive in Switzerland.

The library was smaller than expected and you have to wear biiig grey slippers before you enter the room  (I would love to show you some pictures of them, but unfortunately photos were not allowed.) The atmosphere was spectacular – it was just like the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

After the short sightseeing tour, I enjoyed the rest of the day with shopping. Looking out for sales~

I ♥ my new shorts *w*


just like tourists *lol*


I needed I a new blazer for work and new shoes as well…


My third pair of Roberto Santi ^^


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