Cαтcн mє ιи yσυя Lєиs

I guess I didn’t tell you about my photo shooting on Sunday? One month ago, I got a photo shoot request from Vincent Tam – he is a passionate hobby photographer and when you go through his pictures on Tumblr you will see a lot of inspiring photography.  I know I am not very photogenic, but thanks to Vincent, I could get some impressive pictures! We took some photos in the indoor and outdoor area of the museum Rietberg in Zurich. The weather wasn’t so good – rather rainy and cloudy, nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and I could gain some valuable experiences, especially concerning my pose and expression.

Thank you Vincent for the impressive pictures, your effort and your patience with me! I enjoyed it a lot and it was a great pleasure to stay in front of your lenses!

10 responses to “Cαтcн mє ιи yσυя Lєиs

  1. What awesome photographies! He catched you really good :) i like the sharpness/diffuseness of the pictures and the lighting is very good too! The outfit you were wearing is so elegant and feminine! きれい~

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