Circle Lenses Review – EOS Max Pure Green

Yay, my second Circle Lenses arrived! My last purchase was in October 2011 and now it was time to buy some new one. I am absolutely satisfied with my Lenses, however, I will probably change the supplier… Honeycolour has a very quick and a reliable delivery service but you have no chance to return your damaged Circle Lenses! You’ll have to write an email regarding return and as long as you don’t get an answer from them, you can’t send the damaged items back. I wrote to honeycolour in November 2011, send the same message for another three times and I even tried to get their attention through Facebook… no reaction – no chance! This is particularly annoying…!!!

Anyway, I gossiped enough – now comes the main part: Crazy dolly looking Circle Lenses; my first pair, which I am going to show you today is: GREEN

EOS Max Pure Green

Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.5 mm
Water content:  38%
Package:  1 contact lens case included

In my opinion, EOS Lenses are very eye-friendly. I don’t have “clouds” in front of my eyes. Both of my GEO Lenses had this problem… The green colour look very special with my natural brown eye colour *lol* I would say eye-catching >w<


 left: EOS Max Pure Green – right: natural
 I will show you my other two Lenses in the next entries,
so stay tuned!


2 responses to “Circle Lenses Review – EOS Max Pure Green

  1. かわいい みほちゃん~ the green lenses look very cute on you! Since the green is rather dark it doesn’t look artificial at all! The brown ones looked also very sweet though :) the thing with the supplier is really rude! It’s good that you write down your opinion!

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