sωєєт Tαkσyαkι Pαятy ♥

Yesterday, I invited my Japanese and Japan-lover friends for another Takoyaki round!  (wow, my last Party has been a long time ago…) The picture above isn’t just a “Takoyaki”  no no, it is made with pancake dough, filled with a piece of banana and topped with melted chocolate, coconut crocant and green tea powder.  In a nutshell: it is SWEET Where does this idea came from? I sent a photo of my last Takoyaki Party to my cousin in Japan and she told me that it is possible to make sweet dessert Takoyaki. That’s why I thought of organizing my second Party with lots of little fake Takoyaki.

For the sweet dessert Takoyaki I used:

(loads of) chocolate in different flavours
Cornflakes, cereals, ground hazelnuts or almonds
Banana, raisin
Honey, maple syrup
Pancake dough (made with milk, egg, flour, sugar, baking powder)
For the topping, chocolate & green tea powder, colourful sprinkles, coconut flakes, melted chocolate, vanilla cream etc…

There are many things you can put in and on your Takoyaki, whether dried or fresh, raw fruits, chocolate or sprinkles – you can be inventive and make your own creations. As far as I am concerned, I prefer chocolate on the Pancake-Takoyaki than inside Furthermore, chocolate can burn quite quickly so you’ll have to be careful that it doesn’t get hard and black!  You’ll have to experiment a little bit. A yummy experience for chocoholics (like me )

Thank you guys for coming! I hope everybody had as much fun (and enough to eat) as me *LOL* Till next time! ♥♥♥

My guests ♥

Let’s make Takoyaki ^^

Making Memories >3<

6 responses to “sωєєт Tαkσyαkι Pαятy ♥

  1. Merci nomol für’d Iladig. Hed mega spass gmacht. Ond hed richtig guet gschäckt (oishiiii).
    Bi imfall überrascht wie geut das du fötele chasch ond die Gsichter uf de Takoyaki sind mega härzig :D
    Wirde mir au so was guet ifalle lo für mini nöchst Party ;)
    mata neee

  2. すごいかっこいい~
    みほちゃん they look so yummy and cute!! after seeing your entry here I immediately went to check my mails to see if there was an invitation from you and *tadaa* I found your takoyaki party invitation in the spam folder T.T
    Too bad!! Well hopefully I’ll make next time :)
    Your cousin’s idea is awesome! one would never think they’re sweet!!! they look pretty much like the salty ones :D oh and congratulations for your new grill! although the oldschool version w pretty cool too =) we till have to inaugurate our first takyaki grill :P

    • ねこちゃん, I thought you were too busy at the moment or still need some break to recover from your unexpected situation… so I didn’t want to stress you with a reminder SMS or EMail. Anyway, hope you’re doing fine? Still afraid of your exams..? You don’t have to worry, I know you can do it =) がんばれ★ねこちゃん!

      PS. I will do another party soon, you’ll be cordially invited to join us ^^ next time I probably will invite Laurita-chan too – Takoyaki-Blogger-Party xD We will see :D

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