Apple Strudels

apple-pie-recipe-2An apple a day, keeps the doktor away! Apples are so yummy and healthy!

Here some reasons why you should eat these tasting fruit:
– it’s really good for your health and your skin
– you can choose from several thousand different varieties of apples
– they rich in so many of the essential vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals
– an apple a day could help keep your memory sharp
– it lowers the risk for several cancers
– and at the end: they are great for baking (see below)

For 12 apple strudels you need:

puff pastry (already rolled)
1 apple
4 tablespoon of (brown) sugar
1 tablespoon of cinnamon

oven baking temperature: 185 C°
baking time: ~20min

1. Mix all the ingredients (except the pastry) together.

2. Cut out 12 squares from the puff pastry and make a diagonal cut in every wedges. (You can choose the number and the size of the squares on your own)
3. Put the apple filling in the middle of the pastry
4. bring four of the corner into the centre like a windmill
5. Bake the croissants about 20 minutes.

apple-pie-recipe-8 apple-pie-recipe-1apple-pie-recipe-7I also made some apple pies in miniformatapple-pie-recipe-3My tip for the little hearts:apple-pie-recipe-6Enjoy the apple strudles and a nice cup of tea!apple-pie-recipe-4 apple-pie-recipe-3I also made some kind of sweet Triangoli – filled with chocolate,
apple/cinnamon and cranberry jamapple-pie-recipe-9 apple-pie-recipe-5 apple-pie-recipe-2This Triangoli failed…,
but it made me laugh!!! apple-pie-recipe-1

4 responses to “Apple Strudels

  1. Thank you again for this great recipe
    heheb I will def. try this! Its funny that I also thought to make a blog entry about an apple dessert hahahah but yours is much better so I’ll wait for it till its snowing :)

    *love your blog*

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