Oreo Coconut Muffins

My dear friend recently celebrated his birthday, so this was a good excuse to mess up the kitchen with flour and sugar. I knew that he adores coconuts and Oreos so I thought: why not combine them together??oreo-muffin-3

For 16 Muffins you need:

16 Oreo-Cookies
100g butter
3 eggs
110g sugar
190g flour
110g coconut flakes
100cc milk
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 package of vanilla sugar
a pinch of sugar and natron

oven baking temperature: 185 C°
baking time: 25~30min

1. Half the Oreo-Cookies and put the side with the white filling into the baking cups.
2. Crumble the other half of the Oreos (without the filling).  I used a little plastic bag and beat it against the wall *lol*

1. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla sugar together until it becomes creamy
2. Add the eggs and continue mixing
3. In a seperate bowl; mix the flour with the baking powder, coconut flakes, salt and natron, add the flour-mixture and the milk alternately to the butter-egg-mixture
4. Add the Oreo crumbles to the mixture
5. Fill the dough into the prepared baking cups
6. Bake the Muffins and let them cool completely on a rackoreo-muffin-4 oreo-muffin-5 oreo-muffin-6 oreo-muffin-1 oreo-muffin-2

9 responses to “Oreo Coconut Muffins

  1. おいしい~
    They look perfect!! this combinations sounds great! wuaaah I would love to try one :D So if I’m ever going to do muffins again it will be these Oяεo Cσcσиυт Mυƒƒιи ! They look so delicious!!!

    • Of course I don’t! I am happy to see people who are using my recipe and adding new ingredients or using other baking methods ^__^

      I’d love to see some pictures of your result (*゚▽゚*)

  2. うまそう~
    Miho chan you always make such cute desserts! I don’t bake much, sadly :( I’m sure your friend fell in love with these muffins.

    • my baking-fever started two years ago – before, I didn’t had any interest in flour and sugar (゚ー^*)
      Suddenly I was gripped by muffins and later on cupcakes. (⌒・⌒)

      My friend was very surprised of the “Oreo”-bottom. You can’t see it at first sight (^◇^)

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