Nussgipfel – Nut Croissants


For 18 nut croissants you need:

puff pastry (already rolled)
125g ground hazelnut
50g sugar
100cc milk
1 tablespoon of lemon juice

oven baking temperature: 180 C°
baking time: ~20min

1. Mix all the ingredients (except the pastry) together.

2. Cut out 18 rectangles from the puff pastry. (You can choose the number and the size of the rectangles on your own)
3. Put the nut filling in the middle of the pastry
4. Roll it together and form the croissants
5. Bake the croissants about 20 minutes.

nussgipfel-2 nussgipfel-3 nussgipfel-4If you like, you can mix some icing sugar with a bit of milk and glaze the croissant while it is still warm, sprinkle it with almonds.nussgipfel-5

5 responses to “Nussgipfel – Nut Croissants

  1. thank you for the instructions xD I’m a noob with baking/cooking! It looks really hard to fold (i’m horrible with folding food stuff)

  2. Wow you’re a great pastry chef! These looks yummy!

    Omg Im in love with Horro stuff too (okay I just spoiled my next suki corner post but don’t tell anyone kay? shhhhh ~ just for you haha) My fam is also a huge horror fan and I love them to this day but I also find my expectations quite high now! Got any recommendations? LOL Im scared of mirrors in the dark!!!

  3. Danke dir für den Kommentar :D Ich muss die Nusshörnchen unbedingt mal machen, mein Bruder und ich liiiiiiieben Nussgebäck *_*

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