There is my Life with a Sound

precious-memories-2Yesterday I got a phone call from my future boss…  he’s busy today, an unexpected appointment arised, so I have a day off! Actually, I was so excited to start my new job. However, my new working day is now tomorrow afternoon *lol* I can work for a half day and then it will be weekend…

Ok, ok, that means I got some more time to write an entry and give you a little insight into my privacy…  I bought a lovely notebook when I was in Japan and keeping my memories in it.

Well, I rather collect my プリクラ Purikura (=little photo stickers).

How do you keep your memories?

precious-memories-3on the left: my cousin from Japan draw a “portrait” of me
on the right: everybody had a part to draw some memories of 2007

precious-memories-1 precious-memories-2 precious-memories-6 precious-memories-7 precious-memories-8 precious-memories-9 precious-memories-10PS. Make your own Purikura on

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