Childhood Memories…


Snail races. jumping. walking. running away. getting lost. crying. shedding tears. laughing. smiling. screaming. spleeping. enjoying. dreaming. getting hurt. catching butterflies. feeding ducks and swans. watching birds. looking for wild blueberries with daddy. collecting mushrooms with grandpa. going to zoos (still love to go). watching anime and mangas. running after daddy while he is mowing the grass. bought a hello kitty gameboy with my own pocket money. fighting with my sister. going fishing with daddy (and went home empty-handed…*g*). hanging around with the neighbor’s boy. mummy loved to dress me and my sister with the same clothes (pair look). playing with Lego (yes, we grew up with Lego, these little building bricks which are made from plastic). dressing up our cat with doll clothes while mummy went shopping *lol* (oh yes, our cat went through a lot…!). playing with the garden sprinkler. loving family and friends. water balloons. blowing bubbles. having fun with puzzles and memory games. hating, envying, loving my little sister. begging daddy to read bedtime stories. hide and seek. hunting for treasures. exploring the playground. swing. slide. home-made ice cream. shopping with mummy and begging her for chocolate & sweets. spreding love. never forget my childhood memories.

thank you, my life.


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