Kuro vs. Classic Lolita

According to the Cosplayshooting in Lucerne;
this time I wore my second Lolita-Outfit

Kuro Lolita vs. Classic Lolita
it makes quite a difference!

See for yourself:

peaceloli***♥***cosplay2***♥***cosplay3***♥***cosplay4***♥***cosplay6***♥***cosplay5***♥***cosplay7[photo by Niko]

I would like to try the “Guro-Lolita”(Grotesque Lolita) Style. It looks a bit bloody, messy and creepy, but still sweet and elegant. Well, first of all I have to look for a new dress…

guro_lolita_4_by_kasiotfurgurololita[deviantart: by Kasiotfur & sassystrawberry]


3 responses to “Kuro vs. Classic Lolita

  1. arghh.. I always forget something..PS: The Guro-Lolita Style fascinates me and would be quite practical since I have dozens of white dresses..but I’m afraid of spreading red stains over them.. ._.

    • Yeah, I am sure that it will be probably difficult to change the marvellous white dress into a “bloody” dress.

      Yupie – 3 days left – the countdown starts ^___^
      Hope to see you soon ♥

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