Cosplayshooting Lucerne

I had so much fun at the Cosplayshooting in Lucerne.  I find it very fascinating to see how people react when we are walking through the city. Some are staring at you and I am sure they are thinking; *What the hell….?!!* I could even hear a guy saying: “Is it time for Carnival?!”  

Compared t to the last Cosplayshooting in August 2010, we were more Cosplayers. It is nice to see how our Group is growing! I keep you up to date  with the latest Cosplay-Meetings, so do not hesitate to join us the next time!

cosplay8cosshoot2Everybody was equipped with camera >w<cosshoot3Short stopover at Co-mix Remixcosshoot4
Girls in School Uniform ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞcosshoot-1testing my camera (o≧ω≦)cosshoot5I love my Loli-Outfit ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ ♥cosshoot

3 responses to “Cosplayshooting Lucerne

  1. Somehow I didn’t realize that the cosplay meeting in lucern was so soon.. (;_;) I came back from a short trip to Italy today at 2 am in the morning.. I wouldn’t have been able to come anyway.. but I hope there will be an other meeting in the next time and that there will be even more people!!¨(I’m sure about it because cosplaying is getting more and more fans (^_^)V) Your lolia dress looks adorable from what I can see! Will you post other photos?

    • I see! I wondered why you didn’t come to our Cos-meeting.
      In the first moment I thought you didn’t find the meeting point or you got lost in the city Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll) I hadn’t even your mobile number so I couldn’t contact you…

      Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Italy ^^ Did you do a lot of shopping? (-∀-。)♪

      I will post other photos as soon as I get them from my friend – he made some nice pictures ( ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄) ニコッ

  2. aww that’s sweet of you (o*・ω・) Maybe we can exchange mobilephone numbers at the JAN ? I hope you didn’t wait for baka nekochan..And nooo…unfortunately I wasn’t able to go shopping.. I stayed only for two nights and was visiting my grandmother who wasn’t feeling very well.. ( ・_・) mybe the next time :)

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