Cupcake Affair Zurich

The second week of my school holiday started. But instead of relaxing I am spending quite a lot of my time with learning… (My project work has to be done) I was nearly getting crazy and I was so sick of those schoolbooks, so I had to take a day off today.

That’s why I planned to make a little shopping trip – the best way to get rid of the frustrated mood. During the afternoon we (my mother joined me) made a small stop at the cute little Cupcake-Shop in Zurich. I absolutely wanted to go and see the “Cupcake Affair” for a long time.

The little cakes were so cute and very delicious. You can choose a lot of different flavours and every cupcake has a different name!  I have chosen Marilyn Monroe (Dark Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry Filling and a Raspberry Topping) & my Mum has made her selection for Marie Antoinette (Vanilla and Lychee Cake with a Vanilla Topping). The sweet little Cupcake made my day!  I will definitely go there again!

CCAffair3Forget school – have FUN (。>ω<。)ノ

CCAffair CCAffair1 CCAffair2


One response to “Cupcake Affair Zurich

  1. hahaha so funny (^_^)a
    I posted something about cupcake affair too on my blog!! the shop is sooo cute!! I wished there were more cute things like that in zürich.. (._.)

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