★・・・ 1 Year Laurita Blog

Since last year I started to read regularly Laurita-chan’s Blog.  Everything started with a simple search on “Google”, I was looking for Purikura-Machines in Switzerland and suddenly I landed on her site – It was love at first sight *lol*  (Btw, this was the first entry which I read; Click here)

I enjoy reading her posts so much! Seriously, I became a Laurita-holic ^.^  I check her news and I keep me up to date nearly every day. She seems to be a very nice person and I love her positive attitude towards life! What I like most is seeing people who enjoy every little things and moments no matter how challenging life can be.

wonderland2Actually, I never steal someone elses photos (hope you forgive me) – but I love this picture soooo much! Cute Laurita fits perfectly to Alice’s Wonderland *_*

I have noticed that exactly one year ago today, she decided to start her own blog. That is the reason why I thought about posting an entry to celebrate the

One-year “Laurita-Blog-Anniversary”

Dear Laurita, my congratulations to your jubilee! I wish you much success and fun for the future. Keep up the good work!

I look forward to your next entertaining and addictive blog entries!

@Laurita-chan; I know you are quite busy with your studies and your job – but if you have some free time (no matter when – it could be this or next year), let’s have a cup of tea or coffee together! It would be a pleasure to meet you!

Visit Laurita

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