Japan 2010

I have finally finished uploading my photos to my computer!

By the way, I started my first school day on Monday – it really looks to be going a very hard and exhausting school year… Today afternoon we already had a half day off * lucky me* Our teacher for the German and History lessons was ill, so now I have some time to write an entry about my holiday in Japan (Well, actually I should do my homework and learn for the forthcoming exams…).

Never mind, let me start from the beginning;

On Wednesday, 29 September 2010 we flew from Zurich airport to Dubai and from Dubai to Osaka. Do you remember, in my last entry before I left Switzerland, I told you that it would be my first time to fly with the Emirates Airlines. The service and the comfort on the airplane were great! The flight passed far too fast! You could enjoy more than 600 channels of entertainment on board (from movies and television to music and games) so I didn’t know which movie I should look at first. I spend my time with the films; Letters to Juliet, Remember me, Shrek 4, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. Like you can see, I was quite busy during the flight.

The next day we landed in Osaka at approximately 5 o’clock in the evening. The cousin of my mother picked us up at the airport. The flight was quite tiring, so I could sleep very well and luckily I didn’t noticed anything of the jet-lag.

On Friday, 1 October 2010 we had a shopping day at Jusco, a big hypermarket with a lot of great stores.

The next day on Saturday it was already time to leave Osaka for a while. We took the next bus to a small village in Tottori 鳥取県. After 3 hours bus ride, my grandmother and my cousin (the older one) were already waiting at the bus station. I was very happy to see them, the last time was so long ago! My cousin didn’t change so much, but she was kawaii ♥ cuter than from 3 years ago. We had a lot of stories to tell each other.

The following week from 4 to 7 October we (my two cousins, my aunt, mum and me) spend the days with shopping! We went again to Jusco and I made a lot of funny Purikura プリクラ! I had a visit at the hairdresser’s, we went to Misasa Onsen and enjoyed the hot spring there, we ate a lot of Sushi, seafood, Ramen, Yakisoba and we also made an Takoyaki*-Party on the last day (*=popular Japanese dumpling with grilled octopus in it)Holiday_4

I cut my hair >_<

On Monday 11 October we already had to say goodbye and take leave of my relatives. It was a short time but I enjoyed it so much! I look forward to meeting them again!

Before my holiday was over, we had a sightseeing tour in Kyōto 京都市. I really liked to see this historical city with the beautiful temples and shrines.

The following two days I spend a wonderful time in the Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan” and I had a lot of fun at the big theme park “Universal Studios”. Everywhere was Halloween-feeling!

On the last day before I left Japan, we had a shopping tour in Shinsaibashi 心斎橋 It was nearly the best day I had! In the middle of the shopping street I discovered a Bodyline shop!! Everywhere Lolita dresses, Shoes, Headpieces, Wigs, Bags – it was such a cosplay heaven there! I couldn’t resist buying a dress, shoes and other gorgeous pieces of clothing. (I’ll show you some photos another time).
Holiday_6So you can see, I was very busy during my two weeks holiday and more or less everyday was filled with plenty of activities.

So now it is really time to start with my homework…

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