Daily Lolita

peaceloliRecently I posted an entry of my Kuro-Lolita, which I was wearing to the Cosplayshooting [Blog Entry 21/08/2010]. Some girls asked me, if I could write a rundown of my Outfit.

I thought, maybe you would be interested too?

1. Accessory: Bow Alice Band

from H&M

2. Earrings: Cute Little Drops

from Manor
(I think it was from “AP” or “Yes or No”)

3. Nail & Ring: Gothic Style

my Nails aren’t FAKE!! more Nailart here
the Ring is from Migros ^.^3NailRing

4. Gloves: Floral Laces

I borrowed it from my friend…
so I don’t know where she bought them…
soooorry! >.<

5. Lolita: Irreplaceable!

I ordered it from Japan – the brand was “Bodyline”
Look at the awesome details ヾ(≧ー≦)ゞ5Lolitadress

6. Stocking: Very Comfy

from Manor
I don’t remember the brand… o.O6Stocking

7. Shoes: Ruffle High-Heels

from America (San Francisco)
I bought it when I was on holiday
the brand is indefinable…7Shoes

8. Parasol: For Rainy Days

from H&M
actually I didn’t need it (≧∀≦)8Parasol


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