My first Cosplayshooting in Lucerne

CosplayMeeetingI had a lot of F U N today! I was walking through the town and Lucerne City… everybody was looking at me with big eyes. My black Loli Cosplay was very eye-catching, I was quite amused by the reactions of so many people.

Like I have written yesterday, we had a Cosplay-Meeting in Lucerne. We were 6 girls  ~my Mangaforum-Friends ~ (everybody was wearing a cosplay) and 2 boys ~my Facebook-Friends~ (they were the photographers) Everyone was very kind – I had a nice time with those funny guys. First we went to the Comix-Shop to buy some mangas and afterwards we bought some food at the supermarket. At about 1 pm we were looking for a suitable place for our photo shooting. The weather was perfect (actually I felt very hot in my black Loli dress (>▽<;;) so we decided to take some shoots at the lake and in the park.

Cosplay Battle ☆(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノCosplay_1Cosplay_2We had such a great time together!
Can’t wait for the next Meeting ^_^Cosplay_3and here are some pictures of my outfit:Cosplay_4 Cosplay_6 Cosplay_5[Photo by Niko]

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