My Cняιsтмαs Tιмє 2012

…and Xmas is almost over! Hope you all had a great time with your friends and familiy! I feel heavier than some days ago *lol* I ate a lot of meat and cookies, chocolates and sweets – like every year.

this year with my little Sis ♥

~a little journey through time~

*omg* incredible how time can change us…

and back to 2012 ^^

*mhhh* we did Yakiniku (grilled meat japanese-style ^^)

a “moshi moshi” telephone for my Sis, hahaa

We had fun with “Photo Booth” *g*

poor Hana ‘`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、

~25 December at Granny’s home~

my sis would kill me, when she sees this picture ( >∀<)

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