Gσтнιc Lσℓιтα Aƒтєrиσσи Tєa

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  I am soooooo E X C I T E D right now!!!  I noticed that there will be a Gothic Lolita Afternoon Tea at Miyuko in October (thanks to Facebook). First I thought it was too late to apply for the Tea Party cause there were only 9 free places left, but it’s worth to try! And this has paid off: I got the definitive confirmation from Miyuko – I got a place!  I am really really really overjoyed and look forward to discover Miyuko and meet the other Lolita-Girls!  *wuhoooo*

9 responses to “Gσтнιc Lσℓιтα Aƒтєrиσσи Tєa

    • jupie~ some more good news O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!!
      Finally we got the opportunity to meet each other ♥♥♥
      i can’t wait to see you there ^-^

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