12th נαpαи Expσ Pαяιs

Oh, nooo~ not again!  I missed the Japan Expo!!!  I already wanted to go there last year, unfortunately, I noticed it too late that there is an exhibition in June/July 2011.

Nevertheless, here is an introduction about the Japan Expo in Paris:

“Since the first edition, Japan Expo assigned itself two golden words: knowledge and entertainment. From Manga to J-Music, Cosplay shows to martial arts, the festival tackles as much traditional Japanese culture as contemporary pop culture.

Japan Expo is not a mere festival but a real party event! Among the many exhibitors you can find publishers from the Manga, Anime and video games markets, a great deal of shops, Young Designers under Japanese influence, as well as hundreds of fanzines and amateur booths.

The festival is also a place of amazing meetings between passionate people who like to gather around thousands activities: conferences, fashion shows, martial arts initiations, previews, Cosplay, Karaoke contests, video game tournaments, showcases…

But Japan Expo would be nothing without its prestigious guests! Mangaka, chara-designers, singers, directors, authors… Coming from Japan, France and other countries they have the opportunity here to meet their public and other artists.

Among the new activities of the last festivals, let’s mention initiation to base-ball (the Japanese national sport) thanks to the exceptional Batting Center, the development of the traditional area, the apparition of Kyûdô, traditional archery, Japanese tuning and musical discoveries with the J.E. Music Box.”

I missed X Japan, Iruma Rioka, beautiful fashion shows, the European Cosplay Gathering, music shows….  *drop* I missed….. too much!

However, there is nothing I can do…  I can achieve anything if I whine the whole day…  Well, I hope to participate next year!! It looks so thrilling

2 responses to “12th נαpαи Expσ Pαяιs

  1. Wah! An expo! I’ve only gone to one once and haven’t gone back again because I find it too expensive >< but maybe Im just cheap! Do you cosplay? I think people that cosplay and make their own costumes are amazing! I can't sew to save my life T_T We also have an anime expo in my city, it goes on for three days and just gets bigger each year! I hope you catch it in time next year!

    Oh and yes the pinwheel cakes are basically taiyaki with out the fish shape hahaha it's filled with either custard, red bean paste or nutella! I guess you could also just have a plain one though =P

    • Yes, it’s quite expensive, but I am sure it’s worth it! ^^
      I don’t make my own costumes like my friends do… but I love to wear Loli-dresses. I am very keen on their elegance and beauty.

      You’re lucky! In Switzerland there is very rarely an expo… T_T

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