Gσσ∂вує ƒσя α wнιℓє・・・

Beloved readers

finally it’s done: no more learning – no more exams – no more school (well, just for a while…) I took my last final exam tomorrow morning! What a relief!

Afterwards, I rushed home and hastily began to fill up my suitcase – tomorrow I am leaving for Germany.  The last time to spend some more time with my lovely school friends!

★ Party ★ Shopping ★ Sightseeing ★ Harbour Tour (if it’s nice weather) ★
★★ Opera ★ Short visit to my Best Friend ★ Fish Market ★ Nightlife ★★

More information & pictures will follow after my return (yupiee, more time for blogging *yaaay* )

So, take care guys  and see you soon!

PS. After my “the-school-stuff-must-be-stored-away-as-quickly-as-possible” process, the cupboard looked like this!  there is a lot to do after my holidays…

2 responses to “Gσσ∂вує ƒσя α wнιℓє・・・

  1. yay!!o(^_^)o congrats for finishing!! are you going with all your school friends? that’s so cool!!! I hope to see you afterwards and I’m looking forward to new blog entries =(^.^)= またね

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